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Leatherette Sofa

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Sukko - L shaped Sectional Leather Sofa Set

Under Leatherette - Le Roma

 2 seater recliner adjustable manual mechanism with soft cushioned backpain reliever sofa le roma recliner

Alistair - 4 Seat C Type Genuine Premium Leather Electrical Recliner

Under Le Roma Only Sofa

alaska leatherette 5 seater sofa set manufacturer in salem le roma sofas

Hush - 2 Seater Rexine Royal Look Sofa (Brown Colour)

Under Leatherette - Le Roma

alaska leatherette 5 seater sofa set manufacturer in salem le roma sofas

Sukko C Corner - 9 Seater with Lounger Genuine Leather Sofa

Under Leatherette - Le Roma

Leather (Rexin) Couch Sofas on Le Roma Brand

For a leatherette sofa to last longer than usual, it’s important to check the material of the same. Over the years since the quality of a leatherette sofa has improved, the look and the shine of the same are similar to real leather.

This is simply because of the fact that leatherette is made either out of old scraps of leather or from synthetic cloth fibers which are covered in PVC.

An ideal choice for every house is a leatherette sofa as it guarantees a luxurious look as well as a comfortable seating experience.

Although leatherette sofas are spill resistant, it has the possibility to get spoiled due to the access of dirt accumulation. In order to keep its glossier look intact, you have to maintain the look of the sofa for a longer duration of time. All you have to do is wipe off the dust with a dry piece of clothing on regular intervals.